Residential Rekeying

Residential Rekey

Residential Rekey

Ever notice how you seem to have too many keys to your house floating around? Or perhaps you have had copies of your keys stolen? Maybe you just moved into a new house and you are not sure how many keys are still out there? In any of these situations, there is a residential rekeying solution for you.

Residential rekeying is exactly what it sounds like – changing a lock so that it will work with a new key and not the former key. Periodic rekeying is a good idea regardless of whether or not you find yourself in one of the aforementioned scenarios. Knowing who has access to your house is a matter of basic security.

You may be under the impression that rekeying your locks is costly and time consuming. This is not the case if you hire an experienced locksmith. Our approach is to rekey your locks without disrupting the aesthetics of the original hardware. Instead, we focus on the internal security. By preserving the original hardware, the job costs less and it is completed quickly. We make the key copies on site and you will be all set to go after just one visit from us.

If you think that rekeying your locks sounds like the ideal DIY job, there are a few things to consider before you go looking for your tools. For one, you may end up spending more money paying for the separate parts at the hardware store than you would if you hired a professional locksmith. What’s more, you run the risk of damaging the hardware around the lock if you try to do the job yourself. Simply put, you may not have the required skills to change the internal security without affecting the original hardware.

It’s not easy to sleep at night if you don’t know who has access to your home. Securing your house is naturally a priority. We have a well established track record when it comes to residential rekeying in Eugene, Oregon. Our services are affordable and delivered with care. Customer satisfaction is our priority and nothing is more important to us than the security of your house. Consider hiring us the next time you need any kind of rekeying in your home.